OriginPro 2021 Free Download – Detailed Installation Instruction


OriginPro 2021

OriginPro 2021 is dedicated software for high-quality graphing and data analysis that meets the needs of scientists and engineers. OriginLab has released this software as an industry leader for plotting scientific graphs and analyzing information. OriginPro offers an enhanced user interface, as well as the ability to customize data and charts using themes, templates, custom reports, batch processing, and advanced user programming.

OriginPro includes over a hundred features and tips to improve performance over its predecessor. Key enhancements include adding sections for ease of use, such as drop-down menus, easy search between project file series, display of chart thumbnails in the corner of the page, and display of tooltips. tool or display the description window on the project page. Choose generals or details from the project’s table of contents, redesign diagrams around the theme, improve chart descriptions by supporting bubble scale charts. Other benefits include adding new graphs such as heat maps, 2D nuclear power plots, 3D batch plotting, user-defined final data classification for graphing and analysis, providing a The right tool for distribution, iterative measurement, analysis of variance with unbalanced data, and integration with the Python programming language.

A comprehensive set of tools equipped with all technical levels for analysis, graphs and publications. Supports 2D/3D graphic content and templates available for easy editing by users. Use it to distribute data by number of types, curve fitting, signal processing, statistics, peak analysis, and much more.

Includes optimized C/C++ compiler for vector and matrix calculations. After creating an image, OriginPro edits it with menus and dialog boxes you just need to double-click on the elements. In addition, you can export the resulting table to many different formats such as: TIFF, GIF, PDF, EPS, WMF, JPEG, etc.

Features of OriginPro 2021

  • Using over a hundred chart types, Origin makes it easy to build and customize quality charts to suit your needs.
  • Origin has powerful tools for your computing needs, including curve tuning, statistics, peak analysis, and signal processing.
  • Origin Pro supports many popular formats to make data more efficient.
  • Origin includes two Origin C programming languages, which are based on C, as well as another programming language called LabTalk.
  • The top score analyzer in OriginPro gives you more possibilities to find and match multiple points while working.
  • OriginPro can place three-dimensional data points on the X, Y and Z coordinate levels, and the levels and points can be displayed together.
  • OriginPro gives you more ways to use image data.
  • Support inserting chart as border into chart.
  • New Shapefile allows easy import of shape files.
  • New Intellisense support in the Python console.
  • Supports access to metadata and tree analysis reports.
  • Expanded collection of models sorted by category.
  • Along with countless other attractive features.

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System requirements of OriginPro 2021

  • Operating System: Microsoft Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10
  • Processor: 1GHz 32-bit (x86) or 64-bit (x64)
  • Memory: 32-bit RAM 2GB (4GB recommended), 64-bit RAM 4GB (8GB recommended)
  • Hard disk space: 2.0 GB free hard disk space for program installation (data memory not included)
  • Browser: Origin Central dialog requires Internet Explorer version 9 or later

OriginPro 2021 Free Download

OriginPro 2021 v9.8.0.200 x64 FiXED3


How to install OriginPro 2021

  • Turn off anti-virus software (Note also turn off Windows Defender) is extremely important
  • Unzip the downloaded software
  • Run Setup to install the software
  • Choose OriginPro Trial
  • Copy the file Crack to the place where the software has been installed, the path “C:\Program Files\OriginLab\Origin2021
  • Done