List of motherboards that support Windows 11

List of motherboards that support Windows 11

If you don’t know, TPM (Trusted Platform Module) is a secure cryptographic processor that helps you perform actions like generating, storing, and restricting the use of cryptographic keys. Some TPM chipsets also include physical security mechanisms to prevent malware from tampering with TPM’s security functions. Usually, the TPM chip will be soldered directly to the motherboard.

Therefore, to know if their PC can be upgraded to Windows 11, users need to determine whether the motherboard they are using supports TPM 2.0.

Some famous board manufacturers such as  Biostar,starGigabyte, MSI, ASRock, etc. The list of product lines that support compatibility with Windows 11 has begun to be published.

List of Asus motherboards that support Windows 11

Intel Platform

  • C621 series
  • C422 series
  • X299 series
  • Z590 series
  • Q570 series
  • H570 series
  • B560 series
  • H510 series
  • Z490 series
  • Q470 series
  • H470 series
  • B460 series
  • H410 series
  • 480 series
  • Z390 series
  • Z370 series
  • H370 series
  • B365 series
  • B360 series
  • H310 series
  • Q370 series
  • C246 series

AMD Platform

  • WRX80 series
  • TRX40 series
  • X570 series
  • B550 series
  • A520 series
  • X470 series
  • B450 series
  • X370 series
  • B350 series
  • A320 series

Alternatively, the TPM version can also be checked in the BIOS:

Go to Advanced\Trusted Computing page to see the TPM version. If you cannot find this page, refer to the following section to enable fTPM(Firmware TPM).

TPM in Asus

List of Arock motherboards that support Windows 11

Intel series

  • *Intel 100 series Z170, H170, B150, H110
  • *Intel 200 series Z270, H270, B250
  • Intel 300 series Z390, Z370, H370, B360, B365, H310, H310C
  • Intel 400 series Z490, H470, B460, H410
  • Intel 500 series Z590, B560, H510, H570
  • Intel X299 series X299

To enable the TPM chip on these motherboards, you do:

  • (a) Visit the “Security page” to find the “Intel® Platform Trust Technology” option.
  • (b) Enable the “Intel® Platform Trust Technology” option in the UEFI BIOS.

AMD series

  • *AM4 300 series X399, X370, B350, A320
  • *AM4 400 series X470, B450
  • AM4 500 series X570, B550, A520
  • TRX40 series TRX40

To enable the TPM chip on these motherboards, you do:

    • (a) Go to “Advanced” \ “CPU Configuration” page to find [AMD fTPM switch].
    • (b) Adjust the “AMD fTPM switch” option to [AMD CPU fTPM].

Enable TPM in Asrock BIOS-2

List of MSI motherboards that support Windows 11

Intel series

Series Chipset* CPU Supported
500 Series Z590 / B560 / H510 10th / 11th Gen
400 Series Z490 / B460 / H410 10th / 11th Gen
300 Series Z390 / Z370 / B365 / B360 / H370 / H310 8th / 9th Gen
200 Series Z270 / B250 / H270 6th / 7th Gen**
100 Series Z170 / B150 / H170 / H110 6th / 7th Gen**
X299 X299 X-series 10000/9000/78xx**

AMD series

Series Chipset
500 Series X570 / B550 / A520
400 Series X470 / B450
300 Series X370 / B350 / A320*
TR4 Series TRX40 / X399*


Go to BIOS and enable this item “Security Device Support” to enable TPM 2.0.

  • Click BIOS 5 – you can find “Security Device Support” in “Settings\Security\Trusted Computing”.

Enable TPM in MSI BIOS-1

  • Click BIOS (or GSE Lite) – “Security Device Support” can be found in “Security\Trusted Computing\”

Enable TPM in MSI BIOS-2

MSI also adds that even older generation motherboards such as Intel 9-series, Intel 8-Series and X99 HEDT platforms have TPM 1.2 functionality through their respective processors (Haswell, Haswell-E). , Broadwell, Skylake), are not listed for Windows 11 support. MSI is conducting internal verification, but this also depends on Microsoft enabling support for older generation chipsets or not. are not.