Hosts Editor – Software to edit hosts file on Windows


Hosts Editor

Hosts Editor is the easiest and fastest host file editing software. With my own computer experience. This will help you edit the host file to access facebook, block software updates, and block websites to check software copyright keys.

The hosts file is a computer file used in the Windows operating system to map hostnames to IP addresses. It is a plain text file and is stored in a traditional name that tells operating systems the IP of the server where a particular domain name is managed. Editing the hosts file can prevent you from accessing the Internet if the file is not modified correctly.

With this useful Windows host file editing support tool. Users can optionally edit the Hosts file in Windows quickly with the tool that many people use today. This software allows you to edit the hosts file in Windows including Windows 10.

Hosts Editor is a compact software that helps us to edit the hosts file without much hassle and always has a backup file created when we edit the hosts file.

Hosts Editor impresses with its interface layout and neat and smart features. With just a few clicks, users can easily configure all the dedicated parameters right away.

In addition, users can also enter the list of domain names as a regular text file or simply type the hostname into the main control panel.

What’s more, the software supports blocking, deleting and resolving domains, enabling or disabling selected domains, as well as starting existing domains using the default web browser.

Another notable point not to be missed when it comes to Hosts Editor is the powerful ability to backup and restore hosts files, clean the DNS cache to remove outdated information that can cause problems. connection, as well as using unnecessary command line parameters.

Last but not least, users are free to run or start the “DNS Client” service, choose a default IP address, automatically clear DNS cache, keep the utility on top of other tools, depending on their preferences. variable text font and size.

Once used, you will find that Hosts Editor does the job quickly and flawlessly, without causing any annoying errors. Compact software, quite friendly with system resources. So the overall performance of the computer is not compromised.

Features of Hosts Editor

  • Depending on your needs and purposes, you need to edit that hosts file accordingly.
  • If you want to open the hosts file to edit or add commands to the hosts file, the host editor is the right choice.
  • You don’t need to know where the hosts file is, it can still be edited.
  • Cut, copy, paste, duplicate, enable, disable and move one or more entries at once
  • Filter and sort when there is a large number of entries on the server
  • Enable and disable the entire hosts file from the application or tray
  • Store and restore different hosts file configurations when switching between environments
  • Automatically ping endpoints to check availability

System requirements of Hosts Editor

  • Supported operating systems: Windows 10, Windows 8.1 , Windows 8 , Windows 7 , Windows Vista ,Windows XP (32\64-bit).
  • Supported languages: English , Turkish , German , Hebrew , Slovenian , French , Russian , Portuguese , Italian , Polish , Spanish , Czech , Ukrainian , Dutch , Greek , Hungarian , Chinese Simplified , Chinese Traditional , Portuguese (brasil) , Thai , Arabic , Korean , Vietnamese , Japanese , Indonesian , Persian , Swedish , Thai , Georgian , Danish (Dansk), Albanian, Azerbaijani, Bulgarian, Serbian , Uzbek , Tajik , Abkhazian , Romanian

Hosts Editor Free Download

Hosts Editor v1.3


How to use Hosts Editor

  • Unzip and turn on the software
  • Start the software
  • To adjust the language View >> Language >> Language you want
  • To block a certain domain name (usually blocking servers from scanning software keys)


  • Domain name to be manipulated
  • IP address is usually blocked
  • Click to add to the hosts file
  • Save the hosts file
  • You can watch the video to use Host Editor to block access from copyright scanning sites
  • Video example of a software that needs to block server access