Windows 11

8 reasons why you should upgrade to Windows 11

Just like the versions of Windows that have been released in the past, Windows 11 comes with a series of interface changes as well...
Quick Settings on Windows 11

How to use the new “Quick Settings” menu on Windows 11

In addition to the new changes and improvements in interface and features, Windows 11 also includes an extremely handy new "Quick Settings" quick-access menu...
How to return to Windows 10 Start menu on Windows 11-1

How to return to Windows 10 Start menu on Windows 11

Windows 11 has just been officially revealed with a new interface, a new attractive Start menu. However, if you do not want to use...

Learn about Superfetch (Sysmain) process on Windows

In addition to an almost complete change in the user interface compared to Windows 7, Windows 10 also received a lot of improvements in...
Windows PC Health Check 2

Why is there an error “This PC cannot run Windows 11” ? How to...

Windows PC Health Check During the recent event, Microsoft officially launched Windows 11. For the convenience of users to experience, the software giant also launched...
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