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anhdv boot

Anhdv Boot

Anhdv Boot is a professional computer rescue toolkit with Win11PE, Win10PE, Win8PE and Mini XP that can run on the latest to old systems with 512 RAM. More than 130 software on Anhdv Boot is divided into 2 groups: the group used for WinPE and the DOS-based group.

Anhdv Boot also supports Linux boot and Virus scanning from USB/HDD Box. Automatically add NVME driver when installing new generation Intel Gen 12, 11 and by pass when installing windows 11 on an ineligible machine.

In Anhdv Boot, there are more than 120 software, so some software may be mistakenly identified as Virus. I confirm Anhdv Boot is safe to use, also decide for you.

You should disable your anti-virus program before extracting the downloaded file. Run One Click Anhdv Boot tool to create USB / HDD boot. You need to read the user manual carefully to avoid errors during use.

Anhdv Boot uses BOOTMGR as the default bootloader. This is a Microsoft bootloader so it has the best hardware compatibility. In addition, Anhdv Boot also supports bootloader Grub4dos, rEFInd, Clover.

If the old computer using BOOTMGR fails to boot or boots slowly, change the bootloader to Grub4dos. Some new Acer and Lenovo computers have an error when booting the usb with a hidden partition, you need to create a bootable usb with 1 partition.

Features of Anhdv Boot

  • Includes 11PE, 10PE, 8PE, Mini XP, full in-depth software.
  • Get NVME hard drives Intel Gen 13, 12, 11 … and AMD Ryzen 7 …
  • Automatically add NVME drivers for Intel Gen 13, 12, 11 machines when installing
  • Windows (Setup.exe)
  • Get Touchpad for most laptops
  • WinPE automatically connects to Wifi
  • Run software on Windows
  • Share network and data with your phone via USB cable.
  • Break the password of the domain machine, Microsoft account
  • Support WebCam test
  • Read MacOS, Linux partition data
  • Support Unlock, Turn Off Bitlocker (need Password, Recovery key)
  • Support for receiving left and right mouse, audio, wifi Macbook and Surface
  • Copy data back and forth with VMware virtual machines

Anhdv Boot Free Download

Anhdv Boot 2022 v22.3 Premium


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